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Thirty Five Years!

We recently celebrated our 35th year in business serving the region. You heard that right, 35! No small feat for any business, 35 years is a long time! So we celebrated. We had 300 of our closest friends in attendance and treated them to food and drinks on the first floor of our recently restored […]

Avenue of the Arts Project Taking Off

We were on a walking tour recently and overheard the tour guide say that this current development boom just feels different. Sure, you have the usual names like Carl Dranoff, Tom Scannapieco, Allan Domb, Brandywine Realty Trust and even Brickstone making major moves all over the city, but it’s also worth noting, the guide said, that outside […]

Sometimes you just need to post some pictures from a cool site visit.

Brewerytown is Boomin’ Tour

Last Friday, a few of us took a break from the grind and headed over to Brewerytown to see some of our newest projects taking shape for MM Partners.  MM as you may know, has been developing/redeveloping block by block, that part of the city just north of Fairmount Ave. The neighborhood is ripe for […]

Just in time for the Holiday

In a funk? Not in the spirit yet? Well, there’s only a few days left so get it in gear! Maybe this could help.  Dave Urffer’s performance yesterday at the annual Tuba Christmas at the Kimmel Center. He’s big time.

JKR takes a field trip to the Museum of Art

Ten of us took a little field trip over to the Museum of Art to check out the new Frank Gehry exhibitMaking aModern Classic on view til September 1st.  The anticipation has been growi ng over some of Frank Gehry’s new proposed designs which would cut a large chunk out of the iconic stairs.  We […]

Annual JKR Phillies Outing

It’s not all work and no play around here, although it may seem like that.  We really do work hard.  We just need some recuperation days to reconnect with our colleagues and have some fun. It’s been 8 or 9 years now that we’ve closed down the office for the afternoon and have gone to the […]

Breaking Ground at Cottman & Castor!

Dave, Elisa, Katie and Mike Schmitt have been working diligently for the last few months to get the Cottman and Castor job off the ground for Kimco Realty. This morning, ground was sort of broken for the project, if you count just holding a ceremonial golden shovel as breaking ground.  Other than no ground actually […]