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Sometimes you have to have some fun.

Architecture is fun. That’s why we do it. Yeah, we have lofty goals of contributing back to our communities through our design work, but ultimately we do it because we like to do it and it’s fun. Naturally we want to show our clients how much fun we can have when market our work. While […]

Nate Moran, JKRP’s Newest Registered Architect

In keeping with JKRP’s tradition of nurturing young architects, and helping them pass all the AREs, Nate Moran is only the latest to pass all of his tests! It seems like only yesterday that Nate graduated college and started at our firm. Fast forward to last week and he’s a registered architect! Passed every single […]

Sean Sullivan passes architecture exams

Designer, Sean Sullivan has recently passed his architectural examinations and is now a licensed architect.  In addition the becoming a licensed architect, Sean is also a LEED accredited professional. Most recently, Sean has been working in many aspects of our healthcare and single family residential projects.  Congrats Sean.