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Paul Georges, AIA

Managing Principal

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Paul joined JKRP Architects in 1986, soon after the firm was established, with an eagerness to learn and grow within the profession. Through his work ethic and project achievements, it did not take long to recognize his commitment to the success of the firm. His design and management experience encompasses a variety of project types including entertainment, residential, and retail work. He views each project as an opportunity to address the clients’ needs through creativity and attention to detail, during each phase of the project.

Over the years Paul has developed an expertise in movie theater design. He is inspired by the passion that the people of this industry share and thoroughly enjoys his role in the firm’s participation in many of the theater industry sponsored events.

In addition to project leadership, Paul is responsible for the overall management of the firm, focusing his attention on the professional development of team members and on long term planning. Paul embraces this responsibility and looks forward to providing the necessary leadership for the firm’s next generation of growth.

When Paul is not engaged in work related responsibilities or not spending quality time with his family, you may find him pedaling the roads of South Jersey. He is an avid cyclist who enjoys competitive training rides as well as the occasional stroll around the park. Paul also enjoys both domestic and foreign travel for the cultural and architectural experiences that are offered.

You’re forced to carry around a boombox for the rest of your life and you can only play one song. What song do you pick?

Simon and Garfunkel, “The Sound of Silence.” It’s a real jam song.

Do you have any unusual skills or talents?

I can recite the prologue to Romeo and Juliet.

What’s the most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

Backpacked through Europe for an extended period of time...once by myself for two months and once with my wife for three months.

Favorite international airport?

TWA Terminal at JFK...for the memories.

Favorite word or phrase?

“Keep it real.”

Thing you like most about architecture?

Vision becoming reality.

Who’s the one person from the office you’d most like to go on a survey Arkansas?

For a good time, Bob. To get the work done, anyone younger than me except Bob.

Who’s the one person in history that you would want to sit with on a plane to California?

My wife...but if she decides to move to another seat, how about Gunga Din?