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Pete Leatherman

Project Coordinator


From an early age Pete spent summer afternoons in his backyard, drawing pictures and building LEGO reconstructions of his house, or on the computer scheming residential layouts for characters in the Sims. At 13, he started working summers with his dad’s small construction business, a job he maintained throughout his collegiate years at Penn State. Now at JKRP Architects, he looks to channel his passion for construction into his professional career and expand his knowledge of the built world. Among other things, he has interests in music, literature, and cinema.

What is your dream car?

2002 5-Speed Ford Ranger, Burnt Sienna

Do you have any unusual skills or talents?

Undefeated in staring competitions.

One person dead or alive that you would want to sit with on a plane to California?

Ernest Hemingway, a true master of conversation. I imagine there would be few words and a few gin & tonics.

You’re forced to carry around a boombox for the rest of your life and you can only play one song. What song do you pick?

Moby Dick- Led Zeppelin