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Stephanie Portmann

Project Coordinator


Stephanie joined JKRP after earning her Bachelor of Architecture degree from Syracuse University. She also participated in Fallingwater Institute’s residency program and studied abroad in Florence, Italy. While at Syracuse, she interned with Performative Praxis Lab where she developed urban design guidelines and strategies for promoting the use of public transportation. Stephanie also spent many hours in the residence halls as a resident advisor and has taken many baking classes, helping her to become JKRP’s unofficial resident baker. Outside of work, she loves to bake and cook, read, hang out with her Big Brothers Big Sisters little, and spend time outdoors—whether it’s a walk around the city or a hike in the desert.

What's your dream car?

Any car that’s impeccably clean, comes with a chauffeur, and isn’t an obnoxious color.

5. You’re forced to carry around a boombox for the rest of your life and you can only play one song. What song do you pick?

If I can opt out of carrying around a boombox, I’d do that. If I absolutely have to lug it around, any song by Jack Johnson, Mat Kearny, or Ingrid Michaelson will do!

Favorite architect?

It’s so hard to pick just one! Some of my favorites are Richard Neutra, Eero Saarinen, Le Corbusier, and Marcel Breuer.