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The Cooper Health System at Voorhees

By: Armando Ramirez February 2, 2014 No Comments

Addition and Alterations

Our design involvement with the Diagnostic Imaging Suite entailed completely reconfiguring the reception area and nurse station, and the addition of a new PET/CT scanning suite and Women’s Imaging suite. To make way for the new programs, JKR Partners also assisted in the relocation and design of the new Patient Testing Lab.

To serve a busier patient demand for the Radiation Oncology department, a second linear accelerator vault was constructed adjacent to their existing vault. The suite layout was reorganized, including a new nurse station, physicians’ offices, and new examination rooms.
Both suites were entirely updated, including the interior finishes and casework, and the areas now include accommodations for bariatric patients. For these specialized treatment centers, JKR Partners has been pleased to provide design services on several occasions, working closely with Cooper and their clinical staff.