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We’ve got a new Sheriff in Town

By: Armando Ramirez January 29, 2014 No Comments

In our long quest to replace our graphic designer, we’ve finally landed a great young lady to fill the role previously held by the esteemed Natalya Maltseva.  We’re happy to welcome Erin Johnson to our team of talented architects and designers.  She hails from, well, all over really.  She’s a graduate of SCAD but she’s lived all over the world.

A little bit about her:

Born in North Carolina. Lived in Syracuse NY, Orange County CA, Reno NV, Miami FL, Peacham VT, Brooklyn NY, Hong Kong China, Savannah GA, and now Philly (Fishtown). Loves hockey (penguins) and baseball (Phillies). Slightly obsessed with cats and glitter. Fridays she can usually be found either A) doing karaoke or B) thinking about where she can do karaoke. Social media and Netflix addict (millennial..) admits that she owns an embarrassing amount of books about graphic design.

And the best part? She’s already fixed the flash out of our website!

JKRP Architects New Graphic Designer