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A place is nothing without people.

At JKRP Architects, we put people at the core of the process. Our collaborative culture makes every step of the project as engaging as the result, creating lasting relationships that are the foundation for everything we do. Through carefully designed and quality-built spaces, we connect the client’s vision to a living reality. The outcome is more than just a building - it’s an ongoing experience that we’re building together.

Founded in 1984, JKRP Architects is a full-service architecture firm built on relationships. Based in Philadelphia and serving clients nationwide, we become a part of the community. We explore your neighborhood, meet your neighbors, and stay up-to-date on the latest trends in development to make your project a success.

We believe that the process is as important as the finished project, so we're committed to providing high-caliber work and open communication every step of the way. Taking care of all of the details, from planning and designing to organizing construction and post-construction services, we listen to your ideas and create a place that doesn’t just meet your needs, but that also gives you an exceptional experience. By working with you throughout the entire project and beyond, we create continuing partnerships to connect people across the country.