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JKR takes a field trip to the Museum of Art

By: Armando Ramirez August 7, 2014 No Comments

Ten of us took a little field trip over to the Museum of Art to check out the new Frank Gehry exhibitMaking aModern Classic on view til September 1st.  The anticipation has been growi

ng over some of Frank Gehry’s new proposed designs which would cut a large chunk out of the iconic stairs.  We waded through the exhibit, passing through gigantic sectional models and proposed courtyard cutouts. Overall, I think our crew was impressed with his schemes.  We talked it over afterward over some drinks in the new pop up garden at the Oval and took a vote.  The verdict is out: we had three votes for the proposed cut out, and six votes against the cut out, and one member abstaining for no known reason. We

all pretty much agreed that all the other plans should definitely be done.

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