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Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium

Jersey City, NJ

The largest screen in the Western Hemisphere! Only four other screens in the entire world are bigger.  Boasting an 89 foot dome and 30,000 watt sound system, and over 281 trillion individual colors (bet you can’t name them all!) the Chalsty Planetarium at Liberty Science Center is a fully immersive environment for students and educators.  You can experience the wonders of space while keeping your feet on the ground.  The Weston Lab, adjacent to the planetarium is enclosed in a beautiful glass gallery.  Visitors to the planetarium will first experience Science on a Sphere, a six-foot suspended globe from the researchers at NOAA.  You can experience conditions anywhere on the planet in real time or you can fly around the Deathstar.  Whatever you are in the mood for. Photos by Joseph Kitchen Photography

Watts of Digital Sound
Foot Dome

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