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Royal Theater Breaks Ground

By: Armando Ramirez May 3, 2017 No Comments

Our Royal Theater project on South Street in Center City has finally broken ground. After years (decades) of neglect, and more than a few developers passing on the project, we have finally been able to get something started.  There has been a lot of controversy over the development of the site.  Many people would have preferred that the site be preserved as a theater especially since the theater holds some historical significance within the African American community. The theater itself was beautiful inside but leaky roofs had done extensive damage over the years and the walls had become structurally unstable. A considerable amount of money would have to have been spent to bring the theater back to it’s original glory but the viability of a theater there ultimately just didn’t make sense.

The facade was labeled historic and the historic commission was in favor of at least keeping the facade. We have done our best to incorporate the facade into the new development without trying to mimic the original building’s facade in a cheap or phony way that would take away from the building.  Read all about it below.

Redevelopment of the Royal Theater is Finally on the Horizon